Sino-American Sourcing Company has, over the years, learned that each clients needs are different from the next clients needs.  So we have trained out staff to handle many facets of Sourcing from gathering information to delivery of your goods into your warehouse (or other locations) through out the world.  Here are some of the services we offer.

1.  Collect the most detailed information from you the client to insure we can supply products up to your                   standards.
2. Source and quality the best factories in China or India for your project.
3.  Locates the exact item you want to purchase or arranges for custom made.
4.  Negotiate the best prices.
5.  Arrange samples to be sent to you for your approval.
6.  Places orders.
7   Arrange for labels as needed.
8.  Arrange for packaging as needed.
9.  Verifies UPC labels to make sure that they are in the A or B level.
10.  Makes sure that products are manufactured to, and tested to meet or exceed clients specifications or other         specifications such ASTM, ANSI, DIM UL etc. 
11.  Check at mid production to make sure the order(s) will ship as scheduled.
12. Send a quality control engineer to the factory to do a random inspection of each shipment.
13. Send you a detailed inspection report before allowing goods to be shipped.
14.  Arrange Ocean or Air freight.
15. Reviews all documents before submitting to U.S. Customs/Home Security.
16.  Can act as your Importer of Record.
17.  Arrange clearance through U.S. Customs.
18.  Arrange Inland freight to your door.
19.  Will work on your behalf if there is ever any quality problems to make sure you get replacements or credit as         needed.