Sino-American Sourcing Company is an Oregon based company.  Originally started in 1991 as Sino-American Import & Export, LLC by Mr. Chris Roberts Sr.  Sino-American Sourcing Company maintains one office in the USA, five branch offices in China and one branch office in India.

Mr. Roberts has more than 40 years experience in sourcing products from Asia as well as from South America and Europe.  Sino-Amercian Sourcing Company is proud of having customers located in Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, and Australia.  Many of our customers have been working with us for more than 20 years.

Sino-American Sourcing Company has unlimited reserves of suppliers for all kinds of products and employees engineers from many different fields that makes sourcing products all all kinds a smooth transition for our clients.

Sino-American Sourcing Company has and is working with clients that have sales in the multi-billion dollar range down to small start up companies.  Sino-American insures good quality and competitive prices for all our clients.

Sino-American Sourcing does not charge any retainer or up front costs for sourcing products for our clients.  It is our policy to charge a small commission, which is added into the cost of the product, only as a product is purchased.

All of us at Sino-American Sourcing Company look forward to working with you and your company on your sourcing needs.